Geocaching is a real outdoor treasure hunt. There are countless of geocaches in the world that have been placed by other geocachers. The types of caches are unique as the idea itself. There are micro caches (almost the size of a large pill), small caches (approximately the size of a sandwich), regular caches (the size of a large Tupperware container), and large caches (the size of a bucket). Each cache contains prizes for dealing and a log book.

Furthermore, some multi-caches require you to find several caches before you get the real one; Earth-caches that are geographic locations that have an educational lesson; mystery caches, with a puzzle that you solve to get the real cache; the list goes on. Each cache is unique, and this makes it very interesting!

Everyone should try geocaching as a hobby since it teaches valuable lessons to both kids and adults. Here are some of the useful life lessons one can learn:

Geocaching helps you to learn how to clean up the environment

Geocachers believe in the “cache in, trash out,” principle, meaning that when you discover a cache, you should leave the environment around it better than you found it. If you get trash around it, pick it up and dispose of it appropriately. Geocachers around the world are a significant asset to the environments.

Geocaching helps you to have persistence

There are moments when you stumble across a geocache that has been hidden very well. Often may feel like giving up, but discovering such a problematic find will overcome your feeling of doubt. When you find a problematic cache, you will feel very accomplished and proud of yourself.

Geocaching will help you to learn equal trading

One of the basic rules in geocaching is that when you take something from a cache, you have to put back something of the same or more value. For instance, if you get a penny, you should put a nickel or a dime in exchange. You should not put anything that is of a lower value in the cache.

Geocaching will teach you passion

If you try geocaching, it will undoubtedly end up being your favourite hobby. Once you start, you should at least cache all over your hometown during your vacation. You can even go caching with other friends as you introduce them to the game. When you realise that you cannot get enough of it, that’s when you will know how it feels to be passionate about something.